Beach Towels

These Beach Towels are 100% Ring Spun Cotton and Velour, They are soft, durable, and highly absorbent Beach towels. They are more absorbent than any other Cotton Towels. These Velour Beach towels are generously sized at 30”x60” to 34”x70”. They come in a wide variety of colors like White, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Black, Burgundy, Lime Green, Pink and many other beautiful colors. You can use them pretty much anywhere! Take along on a trip to the beach or spa or leave some in the guest room for your visitors. This is also a perfect gift for your loved one or general gift for any occasion. These Beach towels are perfectly machine washable and dry very fast too. They become even fluffier, plusher, and softer after every wash

Towel Size

30″ X 60″

32″ X 64″

34″ X 70″

Per Dozen Weight

11 to 13 Lbs.

15 to 17 Lbs.

18 to 20 Lbs.


360 to 425

430 to 485

445 to 495